They’re HUGE!

Sometimes we come into the pantry to check on the girls first thing in the morning and the first thing that pops out of our mouths is, “Good grief! They’ve doubled in size again!”

Our girls don’t look so much like chicks any more, they are looking more and more like little chickens.

All four girls routinely fly up to the side of the brooder now. Henrietta has recently taken to flying up to the backs of the chairs that we have the pole that the heat lamp hangs from. Sometimes the girls will roost on the side of the brooder and then one by one they’ll doze off, and someone will forget where she is and – whammo! – sthe’s fallen off the side and onto the table. It can be pretty funny to watch them teetering, fighting sleep, trying to keep their balance. Reminds me of when the kids were little and we’d be riding in the car and they’d be fighting sleep. 🙂

All of the girls now *love* to perch on people arms, shoulders, and will occasionally try to fly up and be on top of someone’s head. They are completely comical when they will try and “unseat” whomever might happen to be in “line” ahead of them. It’s something like watching chicken bumper cars! LOL!

We’ve had several instances of one or two of the girls bumping each other off of the edge of the brooder, even – both ending up flying down to the floor in a last ditch effort to avoid crashing and burning! There have been a couple of times when Pepper has been watching intently – and you can just see the desire in her eyes to take just a little bite! It’s not at all unusual for her to sit on the floor adjacent to the table that holds the brooder and just whine away while the girls perch. Thus far Pepper has avoided trying to get up on the table, Jake and Caleb have even mellowed out about it. I think everyone is finally getting used to each other!

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