They’re getting bolder!

It’s absolutely amazing to me how much these chicks change – nearly hourly! When they first came home I thought we’d have enough chick starter to last a lifetime! Of course, that was back in the day that it took them slightly more than 24 hours to go through a quart of the stuff. Now – they go through at least two quarts in 24 hours – sometimes more!

[Henrietta and Hallie perched.]

It’s fascinating to watch their feather development. It’s so interesting how one area will start to feather out, and then over the course of a day or two flush out to full blown feathers – not just little nubbins with fuzz at the end! Henrietta seems to be the leader of the pack in terms of development – and boldness! Hallie is next, I think. Although Millie seems to be the first with feathers on the back of her head thinking about coming out. Little Bit is still the smallest – but probably the spunkiest. All but Millie – until just this morning – had made the journey of flying up to the edge of the brooder. I was actually typing this post when I heard – clear from the other end of the house! – a chick squaking for all she was worth. I was convinced a cat had made it indoors without my knowing about it and tore off for the other end of the house. What should I find? Millie perched on the side of the brooder – squaking off about her accoplishment. I hadn’t realized before just this morning that a small chicken was capable of palpable pride – but apparently they are!

I continue to go out to the garden or compost pile and bring in worms every few days. It’s – admittedly – SO entertaining watching the girls carry on about them. Little Bit – for being a small little chick – can gobble down a herking huge worm!

We’ve had a couple of pretty funny incidents in the past couple of days with Henrietta convinced she should fly further afield than we thought she was capable of. One day Jessica was out in the pantry watching the chicks – Jake (one of the cats) was lazing around – watching for his opportunity to get a tasty chick snack, and Pepper (the dog) was looking on. Henrietta was perched on the side of the brooder and decided to fly down and land on Jake! Jake – my mouser! Luckily Jessica was at hand and quickly retrieved Henrietta before Jake could even react. Phew! We have gone to great lengths to make certain that the cats ARE NOT given access to the pantry unless someone is in there to observe and possibly intervene!

John has drawn up the preliminary plan for the coop. It looks amazing. He’s so gifted! We will try and begin construction this week. The weather doesn’t look too promising, but the girls are growing so big it is blaringly apparent that time is of the essence!


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