My how they grow!

The girls have been home for 9 days. They seem to double in size – and ability! – daily! I’m daily AMAZED at how much they can eat. And astounded at the new feats of strength and agility they add to their repetoir!

(Left: This is William with bold Henrietta hopping over to perch on his finger. She loves to climb up to his shoulder and hang out there.)

On Monday I had to run over to the airport to meet John & Jessica who were returning from their trip back East. I left the cats outside, the dog in her kennel, and the chicks in their brooder. When we arrived home Jessica and I went in first so that I could introduce her to the girls. We stood peering into the brooder and I did the quick tally, “One chick, two chicks, three chicks….. WAIT! Where’s number four?!” I assumed it was Henrietta who had gotten bold and flown the coop – but NO! It was Hallie! Meek and mild little Hallie has a bold streak in her afterall! We found her *behind* the brooder between the wall of the brooder and the wall of the house. She was a little stressed out and ever so happy to get back in with her pals.

Wednesday I decided to add a branch from outside to the brooder – the girls all seemed interested in trying to reach the edge of the brooder to roost – and I thought it might be a better option for them. It took a bit of scouting, but I think I finally found something that would work. What I wasn’t prepared for was how totally freaked out they were over the branch! They cheeped all of the alarm signal they had in their little hearts and herded over to one corner and cowered. Not even Henrietta was interested! I had to leave shortly thereafter for an appointment, but hoped for the best.

By the time I came back three of the girls were roosting low on the branch. It was so cute. I did a quick head count and thought, “One chick, two chicks, three chicks… WAIT! Where’s number four?!” I hear “cheep, cheep, cheep” coming from the right of me – on the floor! – and look down, and lo and behold! There’s Henrietta! My, she’s a bold girl!

The branch is working out to be a good thing. It just took them a while to trust that it was an okay thing. I can see where it might look like a snake or something – something they, of course have never seen, but I’m sure their instinct is to be cautious!

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