Day Six

We had quite a downpour today – it was a mixture of ice, snow, and rain, and shortly thereafterwards there was an abundance of earthworms on the driveway. Jonathan – quick thinking young man that he is – quickly collected one and came in with his offering for the girls. What ensued was nothing short of a feeding frenzy. THEY ARE SO HILARIOUS! We ended up giving them something like eight worms before the day was over. They never tired of them – and seemed QUITE contented, in fact.

[This is Henrietta in her favorite position!]
What I don’t get is why they seem to care less about the slugs we’ve collected for them. I’ve heard many a time that chickens love slugs. How come our girls don’t seem to like them? Is it cause they’re slimey? Maybe it’s because they’re (the girls) so little yet – maybe they’ll develop a taste for them in later life? Time will tell!

As promised – here is a picture of Millie. She’s almost tawny colored – it’s hard to explain the nuances – they’re difficult to see in a photo, but pretty apparent to the eye. She’s kind of funny – a closet rebel, I think. When a worm is introduced into the brooder Little Bit is usually the one who will end up with it and race from one end of the brooder and back, trying to get the worm away from the others who are in hot pursuit. Millie always (honestly – ALWAYS!) somehow manages to snatch it away, and maybe 50% of the time is successful at gobbling it down before the others can snatch it away from her. She’s pretty funny!
All of the girls are more aggressively trying out their wings today. Henrietta is still the only one to perch on the side of the brooder, but Little Bit *can* make it to the top of the feeder or waterer – although she seems to prefer the run, flap and hop maneuver over her roommates. Millie, too, will once in a blue moon fly up to the top of the feeder or waterer. Not Hallie, though, she’s happy to stay on the ground!
Tomorrow John and Jessica return home – and will get to meet the girls for the first time. It will be interesting to see how the girls respond!

One thought on “Day Six

  1. I *love* giving the little chickies worms…it is so funny to watch the way they chirp so loudly as they run around the box playing keep away. I’m sitting in the background sounding like a scolding mama saying things like “well, now, if you didn’t make so much noise about it, they wouldn’t all chase you!” lol
    Have you noticed the different “cheeps” and “chirps” they have for different things? The worm one is a very special chirp! 🙂
    p.s. i posted a couple pictures of my roost on the pdx backyard chix group last night in response to your question about roosting.

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