Day Five

It was a day full of momentous occasions…

  1. We came out into the pantry and found Henrietta had flown up to the side of the brooder without anyone there. (See above!) She hadn’t been trying to get up to perch unless there were a human there to see closer up. That seems to have changed!
  2. The as up til now still unnamed girls now have names! The smallest chick is now named Little Bit – she may be little, but boy she’s bold and has gumption! The darkest chick we’ve named Hallie – she’s beautiful just like Hallie Berry! (I wonder if she’d be flattered to know our chick has been named after her?! LOL!)
  3. We changed the set-up of the pantry so that the flow through the room is better – which means that the girls are a little outside the normal flow of traffic now – it should be interesting to see if this changes their level of interest in us.

This is Little Bit. She is the least thrilled of the girls to be held. Although if you hold her somewhat snugly, she does calm down some. She is QUITE the digger. Remember the meal worms of yesterday? Well, William and I watched several of them burrow down into the rice hull litter in the bottom of the brooder yesterday. We wondered what would come of them. Little Bit must have heard them or something – she kept tilting her head toward the “ground” and before long she started scratching… and then her scratching turned into downright frantic digging. Moments later – voila! – a big fat meal worm in her beak. The mayhem that ensued was hilarious. Poor Little Bit – she only got a little bit of the worm after all of that hard work.

This is Hallie. She, too is not exactly thrilled about being held – Henrietta is the one who nearly yells to be held! – but after a moment or two she settles down and seems pretty content about it. But when she’s done – she’s outta there! (Just about gave me a heart attack when she flew right out of my hand back into the brooder.)
I’ll have to get a picture of Millie tomorrow. She didn’t want anything to do with picture taking today. She’s a little bashful.
I thought it was so interesting that many times today I came upon the girls as they were practicing running, flapping their wings and getting just enough air to hop over one another. It was SO funny when they’d miss or run into one another. They’d squak at one another for a second, and then move on with their other activity.
The boys and I are just amazed at how quickly their down is being replaced with real feathers. And my, they are such lovely feathers! I am most struck by how similar – yet unique – they are. What an amazing Creator!

One thought on “Day Five

  1. Hey chicken-sister – we are living parallel lives right now…both of us are obsessing over our new babies. I have twelve chicks (currently living in my downstairs spare bedroom) who just turned 3 weeks old and are delighting me beyond belief. I love your photos and descriptions of them. You’re a good chicken mama!
    Take care

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