Day Four

We continue to be amazed by the amazing rate that the chicks are growing at! It seems that chick fuzz is traded for real feathers nearly before our very eyes. I am struck anew at the amazing beauty of their little – for now – wings. It’s so cute when they stretch them out, flap them in practice, and then actually make attempts at using them.

Henrietta, I think, actually seeks out interaction with us. As soon as the boys or I approach the brooder – she’s quickly to the side we might be on and checking us out. Whenever my hand might descend into the brooder (to change water, to refill feed, etc.) she will attempt to hop on my hand and once made it nearly up to my shoulder!

William and I decided (after some reading online) to get some meal worms at the pet store this afternoon and give them to the girls. OH MY WORD! What a riot! They were SO funny! Even though they each had a meal worm in their beak, they would run around avoiding the other, and generally throwing a little tizzy fit. It was absolutely comical.

We were thankful for a pretty calm day with the cats – no frank assaults on the brooder or the chicks. We’ve been much more careful about the cats’ location when heading to another portion of the house, out of doors, etc. Pepper continues to be jealous of the chicks – she’s the most jealous dog I think I’ve ever met! It’s a little bit on the pathetic side! She barks and barks if we should happen to talk to the chicks, she doesn’t like it when we pet them, and she really doesn’t like it if we spend more than just a moment observing them. Silly dog!

It was a pretty quiet day today. Quiet is good.

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