Day Three

Henrietta is a bold girl. She’s bigger than the others, she’s bossier than the others – she seems to be a leader. What Henrietta does, the others attempt.
The above picture shows Henrietta’s accomplishment for the day. She started trying to reach the top edge of the brooder box (34 x 18 x 15) first thing this morning. By 10:00 am she’d figured it out. Wow. I wonder what the coming days will hold!
The girls continue to be pretty much ravenous. They’ve been through a quart sized canning jar full of feed today. They seem to eat, poop, eat, poop, nap, poop, eat, nap, poop, and then eat some more. LOL! In between they take turns trying to figure out how to get on top of the feeder and waterer (with Henrietta trying to get to the edge of the brooder once she’s made it to the top of the feeder).
I’ve noticed that our tiniest chick seems to be pretty aggressive – she’s started walking on/over the others when they’re in her way, and will see one of the others settled down for a nap and will go over and plop herself right on top. She’s pretty comical!
We’ve had to keep a close eye on the cats today. The picture below pretty much says it all! This is Caleb – on his hind legs, extended up to hold onto the table and peer up at the chicks through the clear storage bin that we are using for a brooder. Desire is clearly written all over his face!
Jake (our other kitten, and Caleb’s brother and littermate) had his first exposure to the chicks today – and in his usual fashion, was far more aggressive in his approach – he just launched from surface to surface until he was on the table next to the bin and planning (swiftly) how to get in there and get his morning snack! He learned quickly that the chicks are NOT his to play with, no matter how much he might long for them to be so!
We just can’t believe how quickly the chicks are growing. They seem to be exponentially getting bigger – can it be hourly? I suppose it must be, but wow – it’s one thing to know it in theory and another to see it before your very eyes! What an amazing thing to behold!
I’m dying to know exactly how old they are. It seems that their wing development is really moving forward. And I’d read somewhere about little tufts of chick fluff starting to float about at some point of development – I’ve got to find that reference – and that was seen a little bit today. I’m sure it was Henrietta – she’s larger, and seemingly more developed than the others.
Another fun day in the life of backyard chicken wranglers! We’re enjoying quite a lot of time just standing by the brooder and watching. Funny how fun that simple activity can be!
Looking forward to what the coming days will bring – I think!

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