We aren’t supposed to use pain killers anymore, right?

I chose the DS over an alternative form of WLS due to the fact that I had an ongoing need for pain control.

I have degenerative joint disease – it’s pronounced throughout my spine and was in my right hip pretty badly – but of course, that was before my right hip replacement 10 weeks ago! (Now I have a pretty new titanium and steel hip!) I also have bilateral grade four degeneration of the knees – i.e., bone on bone with every step and the patella is pretty much trashed on both. And there is osteoarthritis in several other areas of my body. I’m pretty sure a good part of it is hereditary – my Dad was much in the same boat. One of my brothers also has similar orthopedic issues. My son also has an orthopedic disease.

I always have a stash of various RX pain relievers – my docs make sure I never have to go without. I use a wide variety of pain relievers and muscle relaxants. I am, however, allergic to a boatload of meds. Honestly – Ihave a full typed page of them. In fact, just yesterday I had an allergic response to a new med and spent the better part of my day in the ER. Whatfun. Anyway, of those available to me – my *favorite* pain reliever – firstline anyway, is the Ibuprofen. I pick up when I’m in Spain. They come in 400mg and 600 mg tablets. When the pain is significant – I pop 3 of the 600 mg tablets. I love it because it helps the pain – quickly – and has no mind-numbing or coordination affecting side effects. I should also point out that I am not taking this dosage several times daily – if things are that bad, then I do resort to the mind-numbing variety. My goal, however,is not to have to get there.

I have also suffered from migraines since I was maybe 8 or 10 years of age.Went through the whole gamut of RX’s for that. Nothing worked that well, to be honest. Then my doctor asked me to give up all artificial sweeteners -and guess what! 90% of the migraines went away! Woo Hoo! Now, if I get a migraine I take 2 Advil Migraine and honestly, they work 500 times better than any RX migraine med I ever got in the past.

So. I guess what I’d like to say is this: there are a lot of docs who equate *any* WLS with RNY. There is clear cut and valid concern over taking NSAID’s, etc. if you are a RNY. Don’t go hog wild, of course. But use caution. Be mindful of details. Pay attention to – i.e., listen to – your body. Make decisions based on study and evaluation of the facts. Understand your surgery and be ready to explain and illustrate it to your doc in order to advocate for your needs. I carry a picture of the DS on my cell phone so I can pull it out and show it to a doc if I need to. (Just did that yesterday in the ER.)