23 Days Later…

I cannot believe I’ve made it 23 whole days without any HFCS *or* Coke!


So – it’s blowing my mind how infrequently I have ANY inclination to grab and down a Coke. Today was probably the first time I felt like I had to fight an actual urge to drink one. My cousin and her children were over for lunch – her daughter decided to have a Coke as her beverage. She popped the can and poured it over ice, and I seriously nearly grabbed the thing! From a 7 year old!

What’s kinda wild is that we bought some Coke before Memorial Day weekend when it was on sale. It’s all pretty much still there. Good thing we’re having a few BBQ’s here at the house this summer – we’ll have to pawn them off on other folks! LOL! Actually – I guess no one ought to be drinking them. Scary stuff that HFCS.

Several people have asked for more info as to the WHY I’d do such a thing as give up HFCS, so here are a few:

Well, there’s a little to get you started. I’ll bring out some more later.


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