HUGE decision…

I’ve made – what may well be – one of the biggest decisions of my adult life.

To say that this is going to affect my life is myriad ways is likely an understatement of gross and gargantuan proportions – hence, the reason it’s taken me so long to get to the place where I can actually say the words…

I’ve decided to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my life.


I said it.

That was hard.

Harder still, was doing the research and realizing what I’ve been putting my body through for all of these decades.

As anyone who knows me even passingly knows – I am completely addicted to Coke. I’ve always blamed my Mother and Grandmother – they gave it to me in a baby bottle when I was an infant – it *is* the great Southern cure for colic, and yes, I was a colicky baby. I’ve loved it since – for more than forty years.

I did go through the late 80’s decision to kick the regular Coke to the curb and wholeheartedly embraced Diet Coke. Stuck with it – in a big way – until the year after my son was born. By that time I was having migraines so frequently and with the kind of intensity that I can’t even begin to explain and my PCP came across a study that she asked me to read and then urged me to eliminate artificial sweeteners from my diet to see if my migraines – that thus far had not responded well to RX’s and other modifications – would be lessened. Suffice it to say, getting rid of the artificial sweeteners brought about an amazing healing to my system. Yes, I still occasionally get a migraine – maybe one every three to six months – but never to the extent or degree of intensity that I would have before.

So – when I gave up Diet Coke, I – of course – switched back to “the real thing” – regular Coke.
I hang my head in deep and utter shame when I confess to you that at the worst of it – in the height of the Diet Coke days – I would easily consume six to ten cans of Diet Coke a day. More often than not, it was to the exclusion of food. It was my drug of choice.

Now – 10 years later, firmly entrenched back into my regular Coke habit – and nearly 5 years since my DS – I’ve had to do some deep soul searching and admit to myself that yes – I do have a chemical dependency! At first I pointed the blame solely at Coke. But I stumbled across an article about six weeks ago that made me start thinking through the whole thing. My problem isn’t just Coke. It’s HFCS – acronym for High Fructose Corn Syrup. If I’m honest with myself – I am addicted to it, and it is my drug of choice, and I’m truly sick of it.

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