William Update…

It’s Good Friday – of Semana Senta – Spanish for Holy Week – and it’s a big deal here. There will be a bull fight here in Benidorm, there will be parades galore, and there will be a LOT of partying. We were so surprised last Sunday that given all of the excitement about Palm Sunday, that people didn’t seem to know about the Biblical tie in. It should be an interesting balance of the week – today and Sunday are national holidays. If we were in a smaller, less tourism-driven town, it might be virtually impossible to get meals, find an open grocery store, etc. As it is, it may still be a bit of a challenge!

William has done phenomenonly well. I got the green light from Dr. Baltasar Thursday afternoon to go ahead and pull William’s surgical drain – output had reduced significally, and quality was excellent. (Dr. B trained me to do this a long time ago – so it’s pretty routine for me.) William seemed pretty hesitant to believe my qualifications – but eventually decided my services in this instance would suffice. He was so worried it would hurt – then, like everyone else at the end said, “That’s it? I was worried about THAT?” He’s relieved to have the tape off of his port sites and drain gone!

Dr. B had an orthopedic specialist take a look at William and his x-rays. The report came back. The normal measurement for the knee angle is in the single digits – 19% is WAY bad and horrible (top of the measurement scale). William’s right knee is 27% and left knee is 39%. Each step of the way there is reassurance that we have done the right thing. We have already noticed a marked decrease in his orthopedic pain. We find this amazing phenomenon to be true of the DS post-ops (the surgery John and I have – William’s surgery is in essence one component of ours) – we weren’t sure if it would hold true for him. We are so pleased that thus far it is!

Today is William’s first post-op day without a nap AND getting in all of his required fluids (64 oz – all post-ops struggle getting this much fluid in early post-op). He’s kept up like a real trooper. We have hopes he will sleep through the entire night. All in all – not a bad 1st week post-op at all!

We’ve tried hard not to focus on the number on the scale with William – we’ve tried to keep the focus on being proactive and conscientious about healing, giving oneself the tool needed to facilitate healing, and that the future will be bright for him. Yesterday he mentioned that he’s noticed that he looks different. This morning when we were at the farmacia William weighed himself. If the farmacia scale is to be believed – then he’s lost 11.61 lbs in the past week. He laughingly remarked that he’s doing better than the poor people in the commercials! (For diet pills, etc.)

We are really looking forward to home. Spain has been beautiful, but we miss home. Please keep us in your prayers – particularly as we drive to Madrid on Monday.

Blessed Easter, dear ones!

He is risen!

Much love,



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