To the beach!

William’s recovery has been textbook – or better. He went through the very normal phase of relearning body mechanics (and with IV pole in tow!) – learning to go slowly and carefully. The hardest part was the pretty typical 10-year-old kid aversion to needles.

Surgery was Friday afternoon. By 24-hours out he was walking the hall proficiently, using his breathing incentive device, and going back over the Q&A we’ve been doing for weeks. (i.e., What comes next? How long will I have pain? Is salmon a soft food? How long will I be jet lagged?)

Early Sunday morning it was pretty clear that William’s IV had given up the ghost. Dr. Baltasar gave the order to remove the IV. There was rejoicing in the ranks! We got him a shower and he realized he was feeling pretty good. Early evening he went down to radiology for the ‘big’ leak test. There are a series of tests designed to ensure that suture lines are intact. There are two that are actually done during surgery – before everything is final – with two mediums (water and methidine blue). Then the morning after surgery there is another blue dye test – the first substance taken by mouth. The surgical drain is then watched to see if any blue shows up there. The big lesk test is with having consumed gastrografin, and then a series of x-rays are taken. To be honest – it tastes WICKEDLY awful. *shudder* – gives me the willies just thinking of it. We warned him, prepped him, gave every tip known to man to make it easier. I was completely blown away at how well he did. And my shoulders really relaxed when the radiologist exclaimed, “Perfecto!” (They are so kind to allow me to sit in the control booth.)

Once we had the big leak test behind us and it was confirmed to be a-okay, the order was given to go ahead and start fluids. Sips are teaspoon sized and must be spaced at least 3 minutes apart. He is allowed water, herbal teas, fruit juice, yogurt drink, consomme, and popsicles. He must stay on the liquid diet for 2 weeks. After that, there will be a week of soft foods – defined as anything you can cut easily with a plastic fork. Following that – anything.

From Sunday evening to Monday morning there was easily an overall improvement in coloring, disposition, and marked reduction in operative pain. Monday morning Dr.Baltasar commended William for his exemplary behavior, excellent compliance, and courage – and then discharged him. We got packed up and only moved as far as the AC Hotel in Alcoy. We stayed Monday night there, and then this morning headed out for Benidorm – where we have a reservation for the coming week.

Our apartment suite is right on the beach and we have a lovely view of the beautiful Mediterannean from our balcony.

Our first item of order these coming days will be to get out and walk as much as possible, and continue to help train William regarding his new dietary needs.

Well we’re bushed, but oh so incredibly thankful to God for his watch-care over us.

More uodates later!




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