3.5 Years Post-Op

Wednesday, January 18, 2006: I remember being a pre-op – oh, proably about five years ago, and reading all of the profiles on ObesityHelp and thinking, “Gosh, to be a post-op! I can’t imagine being a whole year post-op! What would it be like to be two years post-op? Or three?” So here I find myself at 3.5 years post-op. Kinda an old lady in some circles! LOL! 🙂

So what do I think now that I’ve lived with this surgery (BPD/DS) for 3.5 years now? I think I love it. I think I’m happier each day that God made a way for me to be able to have surgery. I think, “How could I have possibly been so fortunate?”

I have so much to be thankful for! In some ways, I’m even more thankful for my husband’s switch – what a huge relief to see the many co-morbidities that he struggled with GONE! The excess weight GONE! So much stress a thing of the past for him! What a gift from God!

There are changes happening in our world. We’re getting ready to move. I’m looking for a job. We’re moving one portion of the extended family to a new location – almost simultaneous to our own move. And you know what? Yeah, it’s kind of a pain because it’s so physically demanding (all of it!) but there’s no dread (like there used to be)!

I remember thinking as a pre-op how thankful I was for the job that I had at that time (working from home) because I knew that if I lost that job that no one in their right mind would have hired me. Yeah, I could do the job – but I was a 365 pound woman with a boatload of co-morbidities, in a wheelchair, constantly in and out of the doctor’s office, struggling to just survive! Today, when I go into an interview, I know they are judging me on a completely different level – they don’t even know that 210 pounds ago I was wondering if I’d be alive another year!

Wow – it’s been an incredible journey thus far. I continue to be just amazed at the great things God has done for me!

Blood/Plasma Donation

This from Dr. Baltasar this morning:

On the blood donation issue and reasons for not giving blood:

  • DS patients need Iron forever! Iron is used to build up red blood cells. Many patients (mostly females) get anaemia.
  • DS patients should not give any plasma. Plasma is mostly made out pf proteins. DS patients may have trouble in getting enough absorption of their own proteins. The situation for a DS post-op is PCM (Protein Caloric Malnutrition)
  • So… that’s the scoop! It really does make sense, and the folks that I know who have given blood (as post-ops across the board – not just Baltasar post-ops) have had big issues trying to recover from doing so. It not only wipes them out physically for a couple of weeks, it also wacks their labs out.

    Hope that helps explain some.