16 Months Post-Op

Saturday, November 15, 2003: Today we went shopping… Had to get my kids a few things, so we went to the outlets. Went into the Gap outlet with my kids. Found few things, and as I was getting stuff together to head toward the dressing room with my son, I spotted a pretty cute skirt that I could really use! (I don’t really have any of my own “church” type clothes – I’ve been borrowing my Mom’s stuff – all of which is VERY long – like to my ankle length – and well, kinda frumpy.) So, I saw this cute wool blend slightly longer than knee length skirt, and thought – I should try it on. It’s a size 14, and it’s on sale for $12. So I grabbed it, and went off to the dressing room.

Got William through his try on stuff, and when he was done, I tried the skirt on. It’s a wrap around skirt – really pretty cute! But, it seemed a little large in the waist, but I figured I’d wear it with a sweater, and it would cover it up. I have such a hard time knowing if something fits APPROPRIATELY, you know? And John was holding the fort away from the dressing rooms, so I just decided I’d get it, and that would be that.

Well, we were out getting ready to head for the checkout line, and I spotted some more of the cute skirt – in some different colors, and I said – “Gee, I wonder if I should get another one, in another color.” John encouraged me to, so I went over, but all I could find was a size 12 in the right color. I looked at John and said, “Well, the 14 was a little roomy. Maybe I should try it on.” He agreed. We glanced over at the dressing room line – 14 miles long – and I said, “Maybe I should try it on here!”

So – there in the middle of the Gap outlet, over my pants and shirt, I tried on the size 12 skirt.


I own a size 12 skirt now. ME. I’m not entirely sure that’s allowed. I think I was in the 4th grade the last time I wore a size 12. I’m sure there must be some mistake. How could I possibly wear a size 12?

Sorry – I’m still a little dumbfounded. Wow.

Off to stare at my size 12 skirt again…