11 Months Post-Op

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003: Two weeks ago today I was just heading into surgery – for my hernia repair/abdominoplasty. It was kind of trippy when I was getting admitted. The nurse who admitted me saw my discharge report from that Dr. Baltasar gives all of his post-ops – and it includes a picture of you either the day of or just after surgery. Mine is 4 days post-op.

She looked at it and said, “Who is this woman?”

I said, “It’s me!”

She looked at it, she looked at me and said, “No. Really – who is that woman?”

It took a while to convince her. She was totally blown away that that could be me – just 10.5 months earlier.

My surgery went well. It lasted 2 hours 41 minutes. They did the ventral hernia repair, put in mesh side to side and top to bottom, and the abdominoplasty – cutting off 8 lbs of flab and skin. I was in the hospital until Friday the 23rd. I was able to walk a mile by the next day, Saturday. The most uncomfortable part were the JP drains that got pulled the following Wednesday, along with about half of the 80 staples. Yesterday the balance of the staples came out.

It’s amazing how light I feel! I am really bad at posting pictures, but I’m happy to post the link to my photo page – feel free to go over there and take a gander – www.bodybybaltasar.com – go to the Photos page, and look for my name.