July 2002

July 2, 2002 I had my BPD/DS in Alcoy, Spain. Dr. Aniceto Baltasar is my surgeon. My surgery was open, included the DS, appendix and gallbladder removal, as well as liver biopsy – all in 80 minutes. 3 hours after surgery I was up walking to the potty. It was an incredibly positive experience, and I’m so thankful to God for providing a way for me to have surgery!

Here I am at 4 days post-op, on the balcony of my room at the Sanatorio San Jorge in Alcoy, Spain.

This was actually at two days post-op. I really wanted Dr. Baltasar to keep my stitches in a LONG time cause I was afraid! My c-section incision dehissed at six days post-op, so I thought keeping those stitches in as long as possible was the best option! (I’m so opinionated!) As it turned out, Dr. B removed the stitches on the third day post-op rather than the 2nd, as is his normal practice – just to humor me, and everything was hunkey dorey!


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